The RAS Legal Group Mission Statement

RAS was first established in 2010 in Boca Raton, FL. Our client commitment, company values and commitment compliance remain our firm’s focus



RAS Legal Group History

RAS Legal Group first laid down its groundwork in 2010, when  James Robertson, Everett Anschutz, and David J. Schneid partnered to form Robertson, Anschutz and Schneid, PL. The goal was to build a revolutionary law firm that concentrated its practice in the areas of real estate and creditors’ rights law. Mr. Robertson, Mr. Anschutz and Mr. Schneid each entered the partnership with decades of real estate legal experience.

They began their mission by laying the building blocks of ingenuity in both law and technology; acquiring skilled management and personnel; maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, compliance, and governance; and cultivating a philosophy that allowed the firm to create a flexible process that would be most conducive to exceeding each client’s expectations.

These innovations spurred creativity and production allowing the growth and expansion of RAS affiliate offices into other states. Then, in 2013, the RAS Portfolio Management platform was created which provides nationwide services to its clients. Services provided include title curative resolution, litigation management, and bankruptcy filings, and oversight. Since its establishment, RAS Portfolio Management has offered quality service and significant efficiencies to its clients in complex, contentious areas of law. By parlaying the firm’s legal expertise with its advanced in-house developed technology and exceptional operational model, we offer trusted services.

Looking To the Future of RAS

Today, RAS Legal Group and affiliated law firms provide full-service creditors’ rights and real estate legal services at both the state and federal level in thirteen different states. Our footprint now extends to RAS Legal Group & affiliate locations in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, California, Texas, Virginia, and Puerto Rico.

As a firm, RAS Legal Group has earned its strong reputation for ingenuity in developing a unique and successful methodology to handling its clients’ many needs. RAS’ primary services include Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Litigation, Loss Mitigation, Deed-in-Lieu and handling of Evictions needs. RAS is a boutique law firm, focused on quality, attentiveness, and successful resolution of complex legal matters achieved by an individualized approach, specially tailored to meet each clients’ diverse and specific needs.