Senior management and firm attorneys pride themselves in their litigation experience. Our staff has been successful from the State Court through the Appellate Courts, from routine legal matters to complex litigation. RAS recognizes the need to protect our Clients before litigation arises, thus every attempt is made to resolve as many issues as possible short of litigation. We are experts in creative problem resolution. Prior to any complex litigation, RAS will provide you with a written budget detailing the expected services to be performed and the corresponding costs to you for those services. When appropriate, RAS will also evaluate the case and prepare a written case analysis. RAS believes that by this procedure you can select a strategy which meets your needs. Further it allows you to understand the direction and control the costs of anticipated litigation. The firm understands the importance of trust and reliability which is why our clients have direct contact with our attorneys and can rely on our attorneys to be approachable, responsive and knowledgeable.

Characteristics of our firm’s Litigation Department include:

  • RAS Litigation Attorney Managers have over 20 years of legal experience on average of legal experience. As a whole, RAS’ litigation attorneys have an average of over 10 years experience.
  • Focused on maintaining low file to attorney ratios. Currently, RAS has a litigation file to attorney ratio of less than 70 to 1.
  • Treating each file with a “white glove” approach to tailor the recommended course of action dependent on all present factors including county, judge, defense counsel, and defenses raised to ensure an optimal resolution.
  • Extensive experience navigating the complexities of subrogation and insurance defense. Assist insurers in identifying and pursuing potential collateral sources for recovery. Obtained favorable verdicts in large subrogation actions. In addition to representing the insurance industry, RAS offers recovery services for self-insured corporations.